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    Re-introduction Empty Re-introduction

    Post by Rosa Morada on Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:20 pm

    I saw Tom's introduction (Welcome Tom!) and also Kitty's (Welcome Kitty!), and thought maybe I should re-introduce myself since it was nice to learn a little about our new members here. Even though I feel I know some of you from IT it will be nice to get reacquainted. So... my name is Ruth and I bought my first Tarot deck in January 2009 and shortly after was brought to Jade's class where I actually learned something about reading them. So only a few years but it seems like they have always been a part of my life.
    I live in the USA, way up north in New York State (far from New York City but very close to Canada). I do not live here alone, but with my husband (for over 29 years), my grown daughter of 25 years, 3 house/yard cats plus 1 barn/yard cat, 1 small dog, 1 horse, 14 chickens, and some gold fish. I think that about covers my household. I also have 2 step-sons, one lives close by and has 2 daughters (ages 13 &10). The other one lives in Florida with his wife and daughter(age 11)
    Besides Tarot- I try to fit in some exercise to get myself in shape bounce . I'm trying to learn Spanish study. Oh yeah, I have to work affraid to make everything else possible so usually 4 days a week I spend cutting people's hair. So that is me, my sign is Cancer, who are you and what's your sign?

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    Re-introduction Empty Welcome "Ruth"

    Post by Scamphill on Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:49 pm

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    Oh Ruth - First "Welcome" for sure and Secondly I am so pleased you posted this introduction because though we've known each other for some time with IT - well I really didn't know much about you

    I knew nothing about your family - and the pets & I smiled and I smiled because I love animals more than most people - I don't travel but if I ever went to your place I doubt I'd leave - I'd be with the animals and you'd never see me - lol

    Seriously you have a wonderful life - I am a Pisces, I have one son he's 36 and quite successful with owning a Newspaper, he is a Motivational Speaker, a Comedian, a Musician with 3 CD's out, and his 2nd Book will be delivered here in a few days - he is single (no time for a female aye?) no that's not true he was in a relationship with a woman I loved like my own child for 2 1/2 years they broke up in February of 2011 - her and I still are in touch by the way she's a Cancer - My son is a Gemini - I was divorced when he was 10 and never remarried, I had a long term relationship for 11 years with a man whom I am still friends with but wanted to go my own way from in 1994 - since then I did date and am still friends with all I dated which is good but am basically single and okay with that. I love Tarot to the extreme. I had a dog black lab/chow mix whom was my world (Scamphill) still use her name in honor as I had used it while she was with me - I lost her to a large tumor the 9th of May 2009 but I sense her with me like I do my Dad and my Grandmother. I have 3 cats - (Black short-haired) Jed - after my Dad's initials Calleigh - after Calleigh on CSI Miami and Cloey after my son and his girlfriend I mentioned initials of their first name combine - they complete my life in many ways and though it's taking time they help with the void Scamphill left

    There is so much more but this isn't meant to be a biography so much as I felt I should share about me as you did - it really did strike me that you did a wonderful thing sharing here Ruth - Thank You & of course Welcome to the Group

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