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    II/2 The High Priestess - Cat's Eye Tarot


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    II/2 The High Priestess - Cat's Eye Tarot

    Post by Scamphill on Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:41 pm

    I thought it time to post II/2 The High Priestess of the Cat's Eye Tarot - I will post the card and what it says to me - then anyone can pop in and share how they see the card

    II/2 The High Priestess, Cat's Eye Tarot

    The High Priestess reminds me to be ready to follow my own intuition, my senses will guide me - if I follow another's guidance it can be useful but I will never reach the destination I can by listening to my own inner voice...

    This Cat seems to be looking at me saying "You follow your way & I'll follow mine and we will cross paths!" - just some thoughts this card brings to mind ~

    Scamphill cat

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    Re: II/2 The High Priestess - Cat's Eye Tarot

    Post by greymere on Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:16 pm

    I notice there is a spider plant on the right side of the card. Spiders are often associated with the Fates, who are, of course, "weavers" of human destiny. (My daughter gave me a spider plant "baby" this Thanksgiving.) I associate the High Priestess with understanding of fate through her intuition and power of understanding the unseen. She can see "through the veil", and indeed, there is a transparent curtain - veil - on this card...

    Grey Mere

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