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    Conflict Resolution Spread

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    Conflict Resolution Spread Empty Conflict Resolution Spread

    Post by heartdivine on Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:25 pm

    I wanted to share with you a very insightful Spread its called
    Conflict Resolution. Its really a spread that if you allow your
    intuition to flow you can shed light on a Relationship that is in
    trouble. This spread layout is exactly like the Four Elements Spread
    in our course, except card 2 is on the left and card 3 is on the

    Card 1 The circumstances of The Relationship

    Card 2 What do I contribute to the Relationship?

    Card 3 What does (The person you are in conflict with) contribute to
    the Relationship?

    Card 4 What do I need to do, or can do, for the Relationship?

    Card 5 What will (the person you are in conflict with) do for the

    Card 6 How will the relationship continue?

    3 2
    4 5

    This spread can be used for your own personal use or when Reading for
    a Client/Querent who is having a Relationship problem.What this Spread
    allowed the Reader to do was to get to the heart of the matter using
    the questions asked in the above Positions. I recommend this spread to
    anyone who is in conflict with another person it is very revealing.

    I got this spread from the class through Jade.
    I was able to save it on my notepad, lol. Smile It's really my favorite and it's so much insightful, too! Smile

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