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    Post by CitharaRaven on Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:24 pm

    We have some new forums! (Yay! Laughing)

    In the Tarot Talk section, we have a brand-spanking new forum called "Reading Practice ~ One Card Readings." This forum is for reading practice and getting more acquainted with Tarot (for those who are new to the cards). This is a place for members to do one card readings for each other. This is a great starting point for reading for others.

    We also have a brand-new section called "The Grimoire." This is the place for magickal/spiritual forums. The three forums that are there right now are Spellwork (moderated by our own Junotea), Divination--for non-Tarot divination, and Pathways--for discussing specific paths and traditions. Please note that because we're getting into very personal territory with the Pathways forum, we all need to remember to keep an open mind about other people's paths.

    Now...go forth and discuss things! Hehehe. cheers


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