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    VI/6 The Lovers - Cat's Eye Tarot


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    VI/6 The Lovers - Cat's Eye Tarot Empty VI/6 The Lovers - Cat's Eye Tarot

    Post by Scamphill on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:29 pm

    Time to post VI/6 THE LOVERS of the Cat's Eye Tarot - I will post the card and what it says to me - then anyone can pop in and share how they see the card

    VI/6 The Lovers - Cat's Eye Tarot 6TheLovers-CatsEyeTarot_0002

    VI/6 The Lovers, Cat's Eye Tarot

    The cats are so comfy on the window sell - the one in back watching out the window as another cat runs by - it strikes me he is the protective of the two & he's watching over his mate.

    I am reminded by this card of the beauty of sharing one's presence with someone you love - of that unmistakeable bond, of the trust you share just between the two & this exists whether it is in the animal kingdom or humans...

    I've had a few relationships in my life, but only the one that the Lovers Card no matter the deck brings to my mind - it wasn't my Ex it was a partner I had for a short while about 16 years ago - we shared a bond, trust and an unbelievable connection. We went out separate ways remaining friends & that to me is what real love is all about when you can go separate ways, always care and remain friends...

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