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    Post by Scamphill on Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:11 pm

    It is very important for you to post Reading In Progress once you have made contact with your Querent/Seeker and then when the reading has been sent and on completion Reading Completed. This alerts me to who is available when I have Reading Request and I can direct it to an available Reader, and it lets me know you have received the Reading Request I have sent to you

    You need but come to this thread and Post that the Reading is in Progress - and again when the Reading is Sent & when Completed - it is best to number your readings should down the road we run into confusion as we don't use names of who you are reading for -

    For Example you can come and start a new thread here saying your Name/User Name - Reading in Progress & Number that reading with the Date, once you send the reading come back and post Reading Sent & the Date, when you hear back you come back to the same thread and Post Reading Completed So a sample would be

    Scamphill - Reading #1, Reading in Progress, 13 NOV 11

    Scamphill - Reading #1, Reading Sent, 14 NOV 11

    Scamphill - Reading #1, Reading Completed 15 NOV 11

    A lot of this will be familiar to you as Jade is kindly helping me with the initial set up here

    Thank You Scamphill

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